Private Community Security

Expertly designed and seamlessly executed security solutions that adapt to the unique dynamics of private communities.


Private Community Security is an intricate balance of proactive vigilance, advanced technology, and community engagement. Century Security excels in implementing layered security solutions tailored to the unique needs and constraints of gated communities, luxury estates, and homeowner associations.



Risk Assessment for Community and Private Security

After gaining an understanding of your community or organization's needs we look into the following areas to provide a comprehensive risk assesment:

  • Geographic Vulnerability Analysis
  • Social and Community Risk Metrics
  • Traffic and Visitor Pattern Assessment
  • Asset Valuation and Threat Modeling


Our Services for Communities and Organizations:

  • Perimeter Control and Access Management
  • Surveillance and Monitoring Systems
  • Mobile Patrol Units and Rapid Response Teams
  • Community Safety Training and Awareness Programs



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